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Exploring the global toast in media .
Globaltoast is dedicated to clean drinking water for all.
Clean Drinking Water as  a human right.
As an iso standard that all humans should meet..(and be helped to meet) .
Clean water is a standard important indicator of human
development that has been discussed and worked on
by governments for centuries. The U.N. has made clean
water a goal, and with about 30 years, everyone will
have it.

We promote the idea of helping the last billion or so
who don't have clean water using the web in 4 ways:

1. Keep a global map showing remaining areas that don't have clean drinking water:
2, Keep a  materials list that needs to be collected to build a finished
global clean drinking water system. This also involves designing out the final system
which is a huge visualization task.
3.Keep a t ask list that need to be done before all the materials are installed.
4. Promote a huge toast where everyone holds up a   clean glass of drinking water
all over the world, and marks the occasion! A global celebration!

On the day it is achieved.there is truly something worth celebrating.
A global toast to mankind's achievement.

Clean Drinking Water For All!


We are talking about the forgotten billion. The same people who earn in the $1 a day
range (they have incomes, but not in money). The same people who have a life expectancy in
the 40-45 range. The poorest 6th of mankind.

        In my travels I've often met women and children carrying huge bundles of sticks, or wood,
they are probably carrying to boil dirty water. In Peru, or Africa, or China, they sit down near where I am
resting, to rest also. These people are not sad. They are fun loving happy people. Some of them
should have the right to turn down a water system if they dont want it. Time at the water hold for the
ladies is fun. Or at the river washing clothes... but they have to be offered it.

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