Using Media to  help make water as a human right come about.

NEW   a song has been written to promote the global toast.
Final version soon but here's a draft.
This is by
First thing: A slideshow.
PLEASE SEND: images of people all over the world, holding up glasses of water in a toast.
I made a try at a slide show with some images I got off 'google search'
luckily most of them seem to be from charities that are working on clean water,
so if I make the movie link to them, it should work out.

So  here's  A global Toast slideshow movie with original song. (overcompressed-a small file but blurry)
Now I am adding places to click in the movie to donate.  

Here's a movie to click on to open this slideshow full screen
its too blurry unless you stand back...and it may crash(that now went away...I think its stable)


How about a competition for quicktime movie makers. Have the donation sprites
keep score on an xml page, and see what movie makes the most money.

I think this can be done in flash too.

So we're basically making movies with a button in them that says 'click to donate'
and what our movie does is try to convince the person to click.
How it convinces them is up to the film maker.



Would like to start collecting toasts too, small speeches.
Sure it could be 30 years early, but
why not start now? (this is a 6 gig site and I'm so far using a few meg)

I mean as web film makers, I think exploring the idea in political theatre makes sense.
Its playful, and maybe people will start making pledges. 'I'm going to
pay for a well' or 'I'm going to send $10.

right now you have to send you movie to
but I want to make this page allow you to just post em if I can filter out spam somehow.

my toast.
The text is here .

OK I tried saying it into the camera

I need better eye contact with the camera .